Welcome to Parish Pump for November

November brings us Remembrance and the final centenary commemorations of World War 1.  This year November also brings major anniversaries for Prince Charles, Wilfred Owen and Enid Blyton, among others.

We have articles to offer you on all of these, as well as much else – all aimed at helping you help you make your November magazine a superb read.

Meanwhile – why not enter our….

PRIZE DRAW for Christmas chocolate

We have teamed up with Meaningful Chocolate again this year,  and are offering two prizes.

First prize is ONE box of Joy to the World – a sharing box of chocolates.

Second prize is TWO Advent Calendars.

If you would like to enter, please go to


and answer the following two questions:

The Advent Calendar provides a fun way for WHO to share the Christmas story?

How many angels are there in the Joy to the World sharing box?

Prize draw closes on 9th November.


and finally….

ATTENTION  – Parish Pump’s (old) archives closing soon!! 
This is advance notice that  we are closing the archives on the OLD website on 4th January 2019.
If you joined Parish Pump prior to the new site, then you will have access to those archives.  Your access will have begun in the month you first joined.
We warmly invite you to visit the old archives on or before Thursday 3rd January 2019 at www.old.parishpump.co.uk, and to download as much material as you like. 
Because on Friday 4th January 2019 we are CLOSING the old website.  No archives BEFORE January 2013 will then be available.  
Meanwhile, we are in the process of transferring the archives dating from January 2013 onwards, over to the new website, but this will take some time.
So – to recap – if your subscription grants you access to archives going back BEFORE January 2013, please use the next three months to download what you want from them on the OLD website.  
After that, all the years BEFORE Jan 2013 will NOT be available again.  
And it could take several months before all the archives from JANUARY 2013 TO APRIL 2018 ARE UPLOADED.
Thank you for your understanding and interest in Parish Pump.
Anne Coomes and the Parish Pump Team