Welcome to our 240th issue!

June’s issue marks a historic moment for Parish Pump.  As of this issue, we have been going for exactly 20 years.

As editor and a co-founder of Parish Pump, I want to thank YOU for your wonderful support over all these years. Some of you have been with us since the very start, back in the Spring of 1999.  Others of you have joined more recently.  Most of you are in the UK, but some of you are as far afield as the USA, Africa, or Australia.

Wherever you are, you church magazine editors are very special people.  You give hours of your spare time each month producing a magazine to help your local Christians – and in many cases, non-Christians. 

YOUR WORK IS VITAL. For some of your readers, you may be the ONLY Christian with whom they come into contact on a regular basis!  For you are almost certainly reaching MORE people each month that your minister can ever hope to do. 

Here at Parish Pump, we thank God for your commitment, and pray that your witness and work will be widely appreciated, wherever you are.  We are privileged to be working alongside you, and we look forward to many more years of doing so!

With warm wishes to you, our colleagues

Anne Coomes and the Parish Pump Team