Welcome to the New Year 2019 issue of Parish Pump!

Your January magazine can’t be easy to produce, as with Christmas approaching, it is hard to see anything else on the horizon!

So we’ve got lots on offer this month, from articles on the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’ to the Coming of the Magi, from How to make a new start in life, to Holocaust Memorial Day.  There is also a look back at the beginning of Mother Teresa’s ministry 90 years ago in January – and the last concert the Beatles ever gave! 

On the graphics side of things, we have gone into colour! From now on some of our artwork will be in colour for those of you who print in colour. What do you think?  We would welcome your feedback on this, as it is a new venture for us.

All in all, we can help you make sure that when your readers are in a New Year mood, you will be more than ready for them.


From 1st January 2019 the cost of an annual subscription to Parish Pump will rise to £44.99 (from £42.99).   That is £3.75 a month, or about the price of a (posh) cup of coffee!  This is to reflect the reality of web hosting in the 21st century.

Finally – for those of you who have been with us since BEFORE 2013, please note:

We are closing the archives on the OLD website on 4th January 2019.  So please use this month to download what you want from them on the OLD website.  No archives BEFORE January 2013 will be available after 3rd January 2019. 

Warm wishes for a happy and blessed Christmas

Anne Coomes and the Parish Pump Team