Welcome to Parish Pump June 2018

A warm welcome to our new Parish Pump website!

Now it will be easier than ever for you to visit us, and quickly download the material you want for your church magazine, news-sheet or website.

It has been many months in the building, and we have introduced some helpful changes.  The main ones are:

  • When you go to the Resources page, you will find all our graphics and editorial displayed in the same place, to save you going back and forth between the two categories.
  • It is now possible to download most editorial items individually,  as well as by section.
  • All of our editorial articles now have the word count attached, so that you can quickly choose material based on the amount of space that you have.
  • When you visit each category, it is easy to bring up a display of all our other material in that category.

We hope that you like our new website.  We would welcome your feedback!  If you find anything confusing, please tell us, and we will do our best to put it right.

Anne Coomes, Editor