– and your September issue

I think that editing and distributing your church magazine in August (for September) makes you a bit of a local hero. The rest of the church usually goes to sleep this month, as folk go on holiday or enjoy family time. So well done, you, for carrying on the good work behind the scenes!

If you can manage to get your magazine delivered out into your neighbourhood on a regular basis, as well as to your church members, you are doing a really useful and potentially life-changing thing.  After all, your magazine may be the ONLY contact with Christianity that some of the people in your community will have all year.

So – make your magazine count – include something in each issue that encourages your readers to trust in God, and helps them to learn more about Him.  Christianity turned the Roman Empire upside-down, and we can pray that the Holy Spirit will also begin to transform the lives of people in our communities.

Again, many thanks for all the magazines that you so kindly have sent in – they will be great to show to people who visit our stand at the Christian Resources Exhibition in October.  We will have free tickets to CRE to offer you very soon – and you can, in turn, offer them to your readers. As many as they like!

With all good wishes for a happy and peaceful August.  Tim, our IT Support, has been exploring Switzerland, and I am off to France soon.  Just hope I don’t arrive in the middle of another heatwave!

Anne Coomes and the Parish Pump Team