– and your October issue

September looks set to be a busy month for those of us with children going back to school, and also many of us going back to work in the office. It won’t be easy, trying to get back together again, yet still staying safe.

Churches are also trying to reopen, to gather their congregations back in, as close as is safe and possible.  

With all this going on, you may be struggling to find time to produce your church magazine this month.  But be encouraged, as we have loads to offer you! Here is just a short sample: 

Is your face mask making your skin break out?

What is the origin of evil spirits?

Who authorised the Bible, anyway?

Why are you facing temptation?

One in five of us suffer depression

Why singing in church is the same as shouting at the pub

Remembering Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer

Anniversary of Oxford University accepting women

Remembering the Hatfield rail crash

RSPCA launches emergency appeal 


Whatever you have to do this month, we wish you a productive and happy time, as the pace of life picks up yet again.

With warm wishes from 

Anne Coomes and the Parish Pump Team