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Visitor Comments

Hi..this is an invaluable resource for Church Magazines. Thank you so much for the work and inspiration you provide. Editor Heartbeat Holy Ascension Upton by Chester

Sharon Forsdyke , Chester, UK

Thank you so much for your valuable help. Our magazine has received some great feedback in recent times, both from our own parish and further afield. I used to have such a problem filling the pages when contributors were late, or otherwise absent! Blessings, Judy

Judy McCarthy, Pencoed, Bridgend, Wales

We are so pleased to have found Parish Pump. Just starting out as editors of our Church Magazine we have found it invaluable and will most definitely be subscribing. Our magazine has been around for some time and it desperately needed revitalising and Parish Pump has shown us the way forward.

JoBob, Maldon, Essex, England

Very pleased to renew my subscription. I find the site invaluable. Ours is a church magazine but for the whole parish. We have news from School, Parish Council, Sports and Garden Club and events from both the village and the other villages in our Benefice. Even the recipe pages seem to have a following. The cartoons and smile lines appeal to many of our non-church goers, shows them that we are not just a bunch of old fuddy duddies. I always try to incorporate the mice illustrations as I hope that children will notice and get to the Mousepage. On the very few occasions that I've received no leader from the Rector or the Ministry team, the "God Slot" can be very adequatly filled from Looking at God. So thanks Parish Pump, carry on the good work Jane

Jane Tapping, Okeford Fitzpaine, UK

PP material has seen our magazine through a 2-year vacancy when no clergy article was available and has provided really interesting copy. However, the most popular article has been St James the Least of All - probably the only thing some people have bothered to read!! It will be sadly missed and I hope that something equally interesting will takes its place in due course.

Sheila Newton, Edmundbyers, UK

Im starting our parish magazine and parish pump has been the best in helping us develop the magazine


I have been the editor of the parish magazine of St Augustine's C of E Church, Gillingham, Kent, for just over five years. The previous editor gave me the log in details for her Parish Pump account, and what a blessing that turned out to be. My daughter is now joint editor and we are still using PP on a monthly basis for puzzles and cartoons, and in those times when local content is in short supply, for editorial items. I would recommend Parish Pump to any editor, new or old, as a valuable resource that is simply a must have.

Paul Underhill, Gillingham, United Kingdom

Hello Folks Have just renewed my subscription for another year, and very glad to do so. Although The Fippenny News is a church magazine it has always been for the whole parish and is supported by the Parish Council etc. I must say that without Parish Pump it would not be half so easy to produce each month. If I stopped Uncle Eustace I think there would be a riot. Often find my self with a half page to fill at the deadline and there is always something appropriate on P.P. Thank you!! Love the graphics too. Suitable artwork lifts a page and hopefully encourages folk to read the whole thing. Please keep up the good work. Jane

Jane Tapping, Okeford Fitzpaine, UK

Thank you very much for your help, particularly the new format of the children's page, which can now be formatted.

The harvest front cover for September is splendid.

Keep up the good work!

Tony Bartlett, Great Corby, Carlisle, England

I have been editor of our church (St James Anglican Church, Kingscliff NSW) magazine called "The Grapevine" for four years. I took over the magazine from another parishioner whose health was failing and she immediately put me in touch with the parish pump site. Where would I be without it. I was all at sea to begin with, but the parish pump site stopped my boat rocking and sent me off in the right direction. I have been using it as one of my main resources ever since. Thanks heaps guys!

Leonie Cashman, Tweed Heads South, NSW, Australia