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An Introduction

You can introduce Parish Pump to your church!

Just download the pdf below, print it out, and share them with your church council.

Why are we here

We are here for one reason only - to help hard-pressed church magazine editors make the most of their church magazine.

Each month we offer extensive resources – both graphic and editorial – from which you can choose and download.

You'll find illustrations, cartoons, and children's pages. There’s plenty of humour, quotes, snippets, book reviews, and crossword, word search and sudoku puzzles. We also provide a wide range of inspirational and informative articles.

All in all, you’ll find more than enough material to ease the stress and demands of producing your publication each month.

It’s easy to use – just download it and drop it straight into your existing publication, whether you produce a magazine, newsletter, or pew-sheet.

Your church's magazine has a vital role to play in the life of your local church. It probably reaches more people each month than your minister does. After all, a church magazine can bravely go where no minister has gone before! In many cases, entire communities receive them each month.

Your church magazine can be the ever-present silent witness to Christ in your community. It can encourage, console, inform and entertain. You want to make the most of such potential, and we want to help you.

The world-wide Christian Church is a vast reservoir of spiritual refreshment and riches, of sparkling ideas and insights. With parishpump.co.uk you can tap into it all, and choose what you like.