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What's your magazine called?

I _HATE_ the name of our magazine, should I ask my church if I can change it? (I won’t tell you what it is! – too embarrassing).

We call our magazine 'The Bee's Neeze' because our chapel is called Ebeneezer and we thought it was a good way of combining that with something fun. Our village already has a 'Good News' magazine which is a name I really like too.
Ours is the Drypool Echo. A name I inherited.
We are currently running a competition to rename our magazine - It's currenlty called The Village and Parish news - as it is a community as well as church magazine covering a number of villages it needs to be inclusive but still have a memorable title. Any ideas?
Our magazine is called 'By The Way'.
Ours is called the 'Grapevine' - an inherited name. I believe there was originally a competition to choose the name.
Our magazine is called UNITY. It was renamed 3 years ago when the old mag had a revamp/change of Editor/printer and outlook. 2 sister churches in the parish officially became a Team Ministry so we wanted the name to reflect that.
Our Magazine is 'The New Messenger'. As you can probably guess, it was originally 'The Messenger' and when our church changed from 'St. Paul's Methodist Church, Gillingham' to 'Gillingham Methodist Church', the magazine had a change of name too.
Our magazine is called the Trinity Times and started with that name in 1993. Before that it was Contact. It started off as "Holy Trinity" Chruch Pairsh Magazine and was accompanied by The Church Monthly. This was in 1889. We're now on to the 200th issue of the Trinity Times this April.
Years ago the parish publication covering 4 churches was 'Parish News'. Since 1994 we've had our own church mag. We had a competition with several suggestions from the congregation and unanimously decided on 'Woolston Eyes'. The Eyes is the name of our local wildlife conservation site, and everyone agreed that it was just right for us.
My previous Church had a magazine called The Messenger which is quite a good name and conveys the meaning. My present Chuch has a magazine called The Bridge which again is good as it is a bridge between the church and the community.
Our magazine is called Lichgate News - because we have a nice lichgate! Our website(stpaulshasland.com) is called The Electric Lichgate - we don't actually have an electric fence or 4 watchtowers and dogs, nor an electrically operated security gate into the church grounds, but I liked the sound of the words. - it is actually open all day every day!
Ours is VOICE. Our communications group decided on it.
Ours is called The Messenger
Our magazine is called "Pilgrim's Way" as it is actually on the pilgrim's way from London to Canterbury.
Ours is called the Norton Roundabout - it goes back some time, and coincidentally the church is next to a roundabout...and as it is for the community as well as the church it goes roundabout Norton!
Our magazine is called 'The Gateway' - there is a nice wrought iron gateway leading into (or out of!) the churchyard, and also - we like to think of our 'mag' as one way to reach out beyond our church boundary. We try each month to have a page called 'Gateway Without', featuring a group or organisation not connected directly with our church.
Ours is called Yardley Matters, and has been called that for many a year!
Our magazine is called "CONNECTIONS" as it covers several chapels in our Methodist Circuit. It connects each chapel and the individuals in those churches/chapels.
I called ours 'Home Made Saints' which seems to have been accepted now for some years. I have a few pages inside for small kids called 'Mousehole'.
Our magazine is called "Talking Point" and has been for some 10 years. It was formerly called "Parish News".
I edit for a Methodist Church, in a place with a long name. 'Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Methodist Church Magazine' had been used for a long time, it needed to come up-to-date, also attract those who may not pick it up!! A crossword provided the solution: What's an early name for a pulpit [which is, of course, a place to tell others of the Gospel News]? Answer: AMBO. Hence our magazine is now called 'The Ambo' [with brief explanation and picture inside]. It certainly makes people pick it up and ask a question!
At a loose end and picked up on this thread (usually too busy with other things). However, we are the Church Chronicle. There has been a Chronicle, originally as a deanery magazine, since at least October 1935 (the earliest copy in my archive). I tried to use the Archbishops' comments, some years ago now, that one should be able to find a service at a standard time at any church anywhere in the country. Ten o'clock was suggested, so I re-named our magazine The C.H.A.T. (Come Here At Ten)!! Oh dear, shan't try that again.
Our magazine is called The Window of Trinity Church
Rather boringly, ours is the Parish Magazine! Its full title is The United Benefice of Draycott, Hanbury, Newborough, Rangemore & Tutbury Parish Magazine. We cover news from various village organisations as well as church news. It has been the Parish Magazine for well over a Century - starting with just Hanbury, then the others have gradually been drawn in as our United Benefice grew. Sounds like we should try for a more catchy title, but I suspect it will always be referred to as the Parish Magazine, whatever we print on the front cover.
I find this interesting because in 2008 we changed the name of our magazine to 'Reflections' after carrying out a vote. As part of the Methodist Church we merged with another Circuit and there was differing opinions what the name of the magazine should be. It had been 'In Touch' for many years, and then changed to 'The Messenger' but at the change it was not popular. So after the vote we adopted 'Reflections' and peace reigned throughout the Circuit, and has done so ever since! There is talk that we may become, in due course, a 'super-circuit' embracing many more churches than we have at this time. If this happens the geographic spread of the Circuit, and sheer number of Churches will create an editorial problem given that our operational philosophy is to reflect the work and information of our church members - how will we do that, I am wondering!
Our magazine is called "Contact". We are a group of 5 churches. I don't really know why, as it has had the same name for some time.
Our Parish Magazine is called Celebrate & Share, which it has been for many years!
Originally, when it was entirely Anglican our magazine was called The Parish Magazine! Those pioneers responsible for it then invited the Methodists and Catholics to join them and it was changed to 'Together.' Together it most blissfully is! The ministers from the three denominations (Liz, Ken and Louis - I give you the names by which we know and love them simply to illustrate our family structure) take it is turns to write the Pastoral Letter. The centrefold gives details and times of all three denominations' services. We embrace all aspects of local news and occasionally include global articles (eg Horn of Africa) but mainly we concentrate on local events including coffee mornings, town council reports, concerts, gardening association, school, local hospice and wildlife events. We include many jokes and cartoons which , at first, were not universally appreciated - humour being such a varied blessing; but we stuck to it, cut our cloth and now, the humour which God gave to use has become an accepted and appreciated constituent of Together. I put it together. I love it. I am a Catholic. Hurrah! Yippee! Alleluia! Amen!.
Our magazine is called The Three Decker after the three decker pulpit which is in our Parish Church of Holy Trinity. We laso have three churches in our parish.
Our magazine is called "The Link" , because it links the three worship centres in the parish and our weekly pewsheet is called "The Grapevine",because it works like one!
Our magazine is called The Gateway. It is (hopefully) a parish magazine rather than just for our church - and so is meant to be a 'gateway' to the wider community
Our church magazine is called "The Beacon", and I believe always has been, since at least the 60's.
After using Parish Pump as a source of inspiration for 6 years, in the production of our weekly pew sheet and website, we are about to produce a bi-monthly issue of a new parish magazine to be called 'Andrew's NET'. Yes! the church is dedicated to St. Andrew. We are located in Runcorn, Cheshire. Those interested can locate our website via any search engine. Not fancy but functional. Have a good day.
Hi Our magazine is called Bradshaw and Holmfield Magazine. Not too exciting as our parishes are caled ,guess what?. Yes Bradshaw and Holmfield, but we do a quarterly magazine in Bradshaw to all the parish (about 1500copies). I named it the BRADSHAW BUGLE, dictioanry definitions of BUGLE are To give a signal and Bugle a creeping plant with blue flowers. We have had some nice responses from our readers.
we have a weekly newsletter called 'Grapevine', named in a competition 17 years ago. We also have a monthly magazine named 'The Talk of the Parish' named by a delightful young lady from our local Primary school when we ran a competition when we first started the Magazine 4 years ago
Our church magazine is now called The Flame for two reasons really. Firstly its because I have recently taken over a well established church magazine and wanted it to have a new name and identity. In July this year was the month I had taken over and seeing it was the month of the Olympics the name The Flame came to me. I also felt a bit like those torch bearers and the flame was passing on to me. The Flame is a light and the word of our lord and saviour. It is a great honour and responsibility to be an editor but it is a great calling to me.
I'm in the same boat Lorraine. Recently took over and wanted the new identity. Before it didn't have a name, it was simply the Church Magazine. But now it is "The Ambassador" and I'm currently editing my third issue. This was from 2 Cor 5:17 onwards and what I wish the magazine to be to outsiders as well as info and reading for those already in the church.
Many congratulations on taking the leap of faith as editor of 'The Ambassador' I found it quite daunting at first, but have found the parish pump very helpful. At our church we are blessed to have quite a few people using/hiring our halls so when I know they are being used I leave one or two magazines on a table in the halls and find people do take them not just our congregation. I do try and find a balance in the magazine. But tend to stick to a simple formula to get the balance, children, community, new Christians/people on the edge and our own congregation, feed back has been good. How are you getting along with your magazine? I find the weeks seem to go around quick!
I changed the name of ours when I took over and produced one magazine for three parishes . It is named 'The Conduit' with the sub heading' letting the Good News frow through the High Steet Parishes'. It reflects the fact that each church has remains of the conduit built in the last century to bring fresh water during a cholera epidemic in the city.
The name of the magazine for the churches of Bramcote, Nottingham, is Outlook, and it has been that for over 50 years. I have edited for 4 years and have heard no voice asking for any review of that (not even a voice inside my own head !). It's a word that can communicate a desire to seek a future direction for anyone who reads the magazine.
Our magazine is called XXXXXXXX Parish News. Really inspiring, but we have a record of one of that title from 1877 and no one has pushed for a change, even though it is now more a community publication, although still church produced.
Ours is a joint church and community newsletter for the village of Pirbright. When I became editor I found a certain friction between the village council and the church council over who 'owned' it, so when we gave it an overhaul we wanted to signal that it was for the whole village, but with the church at the centre. The ancient name of the village was Perifrith and we already had a community minibus called Peribus, so the newsletter became PeriNews. I have a short, lighthearted piece every month about the antics of various animals in and around the church, called Churchyard Chronicles, which is intended to draw attention to goings on in the church for people who would otherwise not read church related news.
I've produced our mag now for longer than I care to remember. It was called the Chronicle then, - and still is! For a year though, following one of our Archbishops saying that where ever you were in the country you should be able to find a church offering a service at a set time, and suggesting 10.00am, I chanced my arm and changed the name to C H A T, standing for Come Here At Ten. OOOH Dear. Not appreciated! I had to revert to Chronicle. . . . ah well . . . . .
The magazine I edit is called 'Alive!' (which is always printed in italics) because we wanted to convey the idea of a lively church with lots going on. We chose this around 20 years ago when I took over editing and so far we have seen no need to change it. We held a workshop which looked at all sorts of publications and identified aspects of them that we liked and might want to copy. One outcome was what amounted to a specification for the title. It then only remained to brainstorm lots of ideas and then filter and match these against the spec.
Our Parish magazine is called "Camel Tracks" as our church is the Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Hoppers Crossing, in Victoria, Australia. We figured that as the wise men came to Jesus, so following the tracks of their camels seemed like a good idea. Our magazine is now in its tenth year and contains a mixture of your material and local items submitted by members of our congregation.
We call ours Writings on the Wall, as we are close to Hadrian's Wall.
Our magazine has been produced under the title 'The Messenger' for many years. To my knowledge at least 50 years. I have been the editor for about 18 years and during my time the thought of changing the name has never arisen.
Our magazine is called The Rock, because our church stands on the corner of Rock Avenue and because of the positive connotation with St. Peter, the rock upon which God has built his church.
Having read all the other contributions, I am almost embarassed to have to admit that our magazine is simply called the "Buckland Parish Magazine" (Buckland, Surrey, being our village). Nobody has ever suggested (to me, as editor, at any rate) that we should change the name, but if anyone has any suggestions I will gladly consider them and maybe put them to a vote of our readers. The Parish Church (Anglican) is the church of St. Mary the Virgin.
I don't think we need be embarrassed to have a Parish Magazine! Certainly for an Anglican church, unless there is an urgent need for a re-launch, a change of name (after 80 years+) could simply cause confusion, and it will still probably be referred to as 'the parish magazine' anyway. What hasn't been mentioned here is that the presentation of the title can make a big difference; ours is Oxshott Parish Magazine, and has church and village news and information; our latest title logo has 'Oxshott' very large across the top, and 'parish magazine' much smaller below, and so it is clearly for the whole village, but remains familiar as a parish magazine.