What is the purpose of your website?

Our church website is getting a bit tired and needs a refresh, or possibly even something more fundamental - a whole redesign. But before I dive in and start making changes, I need to think clearly what the website is for. When I originally created it several years ago, it was mainly to announce our presence, so that anyone coming to the area for holiday or to live could find out about us, when we meet, what we do and so on. This has worked very well, as we have had a number of people come to us because of the website. I may decide that this is still the main purpose and simply update the site to make it more attractive and easier to use. However, web technology has moved on a lot since then, and more is possible, although some things may take more effort or skill than I have available. So I am picking brains. What do you use your website for, and what tools do you use to make it happen?
Still not 100% sure ourselves what our website is for as it is still a very fledgling site, but a couple of very useful features for our existing members are the church calendar and the rota of readers/communicants/intercessors etc. as this provides an easy reference point for people to know all that is going on. As for tools, I am very happy with our chosen set of tools: Google now provide so much, and for free. The big advantage is that you do not need to know html, ftp or even share passwords, anyone can easily edit this if given the rights. Firstly Google Sites - this comes with various templates, that you can then tweak to your hearts content, and you can give various people site owner and site editor privileges so it is all kept up to date. Google Calendar - Again several people can edit this, though as I am the only one with a laptop at PCC meetings it tends to be me anyway. The calendar is embedded in the website and so the website is instantly updated as soon as anyone makes changes on the easy to edit calendar. plus it accepts recurring changes. Google Docs - We have an excel style online spreadsheet, different contributors put their own information into the relevant boxes and then everything gets merged together into one output sheet. This took a fair bit of setting up one month, but now it makes life so much easier month to month as the workload is shared out and lessened overall. Andy www.christchurchsb.org.uk
We have had a website for 7 years now - & its been through a few incarnations. I suspect about only 5% of the congregation have ever looked at it & to my knowledge we have attracted 2 new members to church in that time... However, its doesn't cost us anything, requires minimal maintenance and gives us a web presence - http://sites.google.com/site/stmarythevirginnorton/. I've also taken advantage of the CofE's Church Near You facility which I think isn't too bad and again is free (of course you need to be a CofE church to use this) http://www.achurchnearyou.com/norton-st-mary-the-virgin/ and I've set this up for our sister church which has a very small congregation and no magazine. So are they worth it? Probably, but I'm still not sure!!!