Publishing an online "Flip Book" version of the Magazine

Really not sure which forum to put this in. With the printed version I also create a PDF version of our parish magazine and was asked if I could produce an online version that could be read with a browser and the pages "flipped" like a real book. It was also suggested that maybe we could include it on the village website. So I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience with doing this? I have found one website that looks as if it will do what I want, It's called Yumpu and it's free but looks as if it has some type of advertising with the free account. Anyone used this site? Perhaps this is a service Parish Pump could offer? Thanks for any help.
Ours is embedded into the parish website: It initially displays in a window but then enter into full screen mode. I use which is free as well and is simple and works! Once the pdf copy has been uploaded to issuu then insert the imbed code into your website.
Realised that I've uploaded the largely B&W copy which is what we print due to costs, normally the online version is much more colourful - need to recolour images and upload. Now sorted.
Hi, We use www.fliphtml5. It seems that most free offers from 'flip providers' include obligatory adverts. However, you may find that some of these adverts are unsuitable for your church publications. It might be something to think about including a subscription to a provider in your budget? We choose the 'PRO' @ 15 dollars per month available through www.fliphtml5. They update the software regularly and their backup team is prompt and efficient. We initially tried www.joomag, but found the dashboard is to pernickety and slow. However, it has more features and is a more sophisticated setup. We find Fliphtml5's feature of archiving very useful. It allowed us to create an archive on our website where everyone can view all our backdated publications. Hope people find this useful. Please do have a look at our website and you will get an idea of how versatile flip publications are and how they can enhance your church website. Peter C
It's always advisable to seek feedback and to take notice of readers comments about using the flip magazine presentation. Though it looks very professional we have discovered that even on full screen set up some readers experience difficulty reading the copy. We have now set in place a PDF viewer as an option on our website. The results have proved extremely favourable especially if some of the articles appear on a coloured background. One final word about 'flip format magazines', there use does permit the inclusion of videos which can add an interesting feature for readers and if carefully chosen can make the presentation more dynamic.