Prepublication review

Hi, can you share your experience on whether the Vicar reviews the magazine before it is published in case there are any articles that they consider could be touchy or is judgement on censorship/editing left to the editor ? Tim
In our case, no. Content is all down to me as editor and my editorial team.
Hi Tim, I am the editor of our church magazine and as we have no 'editorial team' it is pretty much down to me what goes in each month. However, any time I've come across an article I feel may be contentious or I'm not sure about, I will let the Vicar see it and he will make the final decision as to whether it goes in or not. I do email a copy of our magazine to the Vicar each month prior to printing, so he gets to see it first.
Can anyone tell me whether I can download a poem sent to me by chain mail and then publish it in the Parish Mag? ( I really like the poem but am concerned bout possible copyright issues.)
Like several other contributors, I am the sole member of our editorial "team"! Our Vicar sends me his monthly Letter, which I then check for typos before copying and pasting into the MS Publisher file for that month's mag. I occasionally ask for his opinion if I think someone's contribution is a little contentious, but other than that, he has no other input, and quite honestly I don't think he would want to. With regard to circular/chain e-mails, I have occasionally used them under a generic heading "From the Internet".
Alan Ricards. Thank you Alan for info on how you deal with the occasional chain emails. I had been thinking that it would probaly be okay to sign something of the sort. It's nice to have a second opinion. Philomena
I edit our monthly magazine and do not send a preview copy to the vicar. I email all regular and would-be contributors for contributions; if I am not sure about anything I will send it to the vicar for approval. I do like doing the magazine but wish I could get the occasional month off - no one else is keen to take on the job.
Like many others, I am ultimately responsible for our magazine. Our Vicar gets the finished master copy the weekend before it goes to print. She rarely objects to any of the content. If I'm worried about anything, I know I can always get her opinion; this month for example I have heavily edited a contribution which I felt shouldn't be printed in full. After explaining my reasoning, our vicar agreed and we both had a tactful word with the author. I sympathise with Sheena Blunden though - I sometimes wish I could have some time off - my husband has recently retired and it would be lovely to take longer holidays, or even just catch up on the gardening. Has anyone else noticed that it's always lovely weather when the mag deadline is looming!
Nowadays it's easy to combine work and relaxation. I edit the church mag from various places- Spain, Germany, caravan in Holland, and even from a hospital bed. All you need is an internet connection, which can be by a mini hub or dongle, an email address, AND a list of contributors' email addresses too. The draft copy can be emailed around to the usual suspects for their comments, and the final emailed- or via drop-box or a 'cloud'- to the local printers. That will occupy your spare evenings and when it's raining. Then it's down to the beach or up to the hills during the day!
As an insomniac, my deadline stuff is usually dealt with from 4 am onwards............. leaving me the rest of the sunny days ( when we had them) to doze(or work) in the garden. I deal with most of the input, my husband acts as censor, and if we don't agree we pass an item to the minister for his decision (this happens very rarely) We have another team member, to whom I email all the articles and she puts them in some semblence of order and adds some wonderful illustrations. Then it comes back to us, and I do the final 'prettying up' and my husband proof reads it before we print it.
With our magazine, I am the compiler only with editing done by the vicar and a churchwarden volunteer. All articles are sourced by myself and only if something is of dubious content is it first run by the vicar prior to compiling. I do receive odd items from parishioners but often they compromise copyright rules so I do not include them. All printing is done by me on the church printer, which thankfully folds and staples as well.