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Looking for a Budget Printer

The gentleman who prints 'our' community magazine, at very reasonable cost, has decided to retire after many years of sterling work for several parishes and many ad-hoc jobs for local societies and groups. In my opinion Pat (the Printer) deserves a medal for managing to keep a tired old Gestetner/Ricoh copy printer running despite routine replacement items becoming increasingly hard to find.

Apologies if this approach is not allowed in the Parish Pump forum. If so please remove it.

I'm wondering if anyone around the North Dorset area (or anywhere else, for that matter) might like to take on printing of the magazine. This could become another small increment to your own community or church funds.

It's A5 portrait, greyscale, normally 32 sides (i.e. 8 A4 sheets) though occasionally 28 sides and even more rarely 36 sides. Very rarely we insert a colour page for special events (e.g. a street party that was held for the Queen's Jubilee), though we haven't done that during my time as editor (which started in September/October 2016) so I don't know if we've just run them off locally on a colour laser or how we'd approach it in the future.

A normal print run is 240 copies though we aim to reduce that if we can increase readership of the online edition and web site. I'd anticipate that may start happening when the parish gets a good enough mobile phone signal for smart-phone use to increase in popularity. Our church has diocese permission and planning consent for a cell phone antenna in our church tower so the start of the work is eagerly anticipated.

Unless you're very local to me my plan would be to email a pdf with all fonts embedded (or make it available on Dropbox or similar). I'd anticipate that you would return it to me by courier or - if very local - it could be collected, or delivered personally.

We have a team of volunteers who meet for a mug of tea, a chat and to collate the magazine - so uncollated is fine.

My copy deadline is the 20th of each month, to be ready for distribution close to the 1st of the following month.

If you'd like to see a sample the latest edition can be found at http://www.fippennynews.co.uk/print-edition-dec-2017/ Please note that this is optimised for screen. A print-ready pdf would be much larger (due to higher dpi).

The target for the move to a new printer is the end of March 2018 though I understand some flexibility is possible.
Hello, We have used hello print and they are very good quick turnaround if needed, we have now found a trade only printer who's prices are cheaper but you need to be in the print trade to use them. if you would like to have a chat please let me know.