Hi does anyone create headlines or just put 'report' style titles? I used to just put a general title but now I try and see if I can get an eye catching headline. For example in issue coming out this week have a piece about a group who organise prison visitor creche and I called it 'Church Warden goes to Prison'. Not original but thought it might make people read the article (which is quite good by the way!)
I have never thoight of creating a catchy headline but I might give it a try now.
Scribbler has hit the nail on the head. Catchy headlines are what will attract people to actually read what you have struggled to produce. I attended a course on magazine layout and production run by the Diocese of Manchester and that point was made there. Amongst other helpful points were that main headline fonts should be at least 2.5 times bigger than body text, work in columns rather 'across the page' and pages 3,5,7 are more important (attention catching) than 2,4,6. I'm sure other Dioceses must offer similar courses so it would be worth bending some ears at the local office to find out.
When it comes to computers I am a thicky. Therefore, the following may be naive but is shared as one person's way of working. I use Word to produce articles and give each article a (file) name e.g. September 2017 Quotes. And when saved the files are stored alphabetically or alpha-numerically. I use a Desk Top Publisher software to produce the final version. I wanted the final version to be like a rich fruit cake with the 'fruit' scattered throughout the cake i.e. 'heavy' articles e.g. a bible study mixed with 'lighter' articles e.g. church matters, newsy with general. I found that my rich cake mix resulted by inserting the files (in the final version) in a strict alpha-/alpha-numeric order. To give the right mixing the 'trick' obviously is in giving the files titles avoiding the definite or indefinite article as the first letter/word. There's nothing stopping peculiar inserts. For instance I slot in articles on holy/saints' days on a page nearest to the day, word clouds, pictures, cartoons etc. And, you know, it works. It provides a very good read so I am told by a survey of readers. Have a go and get cooking!