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Clip Art

Does anyone know a good collection or source for clip art, not just religious? I have used an old version of IMSI, but it will not run on my new computer which uses Windows 7 as opposed to XP on the old one. Alternatively, does any computer genius out there know how I could get the IMSI to run? Remember it is mostly not legal to copy pictures from Google Images!
I find the clip art on google images is brilliant; search carefully as lots do NOT mention copyright! I stick to simple outlines as they reproduce so much better - not too much black or 'filled in'.
Once on the internet, in the search box type in Christian Clip Art and severl websites will appear. Some are free and some require a subscription.
To introduce myself: I'm a retired Vicar and have been computer-editing magazines since about 1985. I used to subscribe to what must have been the printed precursor of 'PP' called 'Church News Service' and with the words there came a monthly page of printed graphics. I discarded the dross but filed all the useful images away, storing the cut-out pictures in transparent folders according to content. Since then I've stuck them according to topic onto A4 sheets and scanned them for DTP work. (I now DTP and sub-edit/edit/write anonymously for the parish mag.) I wonder whether those images might be recycled? (Does 'PP' own the copyright?) It's not quite straightforward for me to do so: I use a superb DTP program called "Ovation Pro" on a RISC OS computer (remember Acorn? - it actually has DTP qualities in some ways superior to Windows!) and the files would need to be converted to Windows - but that is feasible, albeit an extremely boring process.
I just use the Clip Art feature in Microsoft Publisher. Sue
looking for clip art to go with an alternative version of Eternal Father can anyone help please
When I was first asked to become Church Mag Editor (about 12 years ago), I bought a CD of "Christian Clip Art" from Christian Computer Art. Initially, I found this quite useful — less so now, but those images that I do tend to use are now stored on my computer. Serif (of Page Plus fame) also produce a large collection of clip-art in which there is a reasonable selection of Christian images. "Christian Computer Art", from whom I got my first CD of Christian Clip Art, still exists as I have just proved by typing the name into my search engine. Also try entering "Christian Clip Art" into a search engine. Having just tried that, it came back with a number of pages offering free clip art. Some computer magazine give away CDs of Clip-Art, some of which I have found suitable for Church mag use. Its largely a matter of keeping your eyes open and collecting what you think might be useful one day. Also, don't forget your own camera. The Crucifixion scene which I have just used on the front cover of our April edition was a photograph that I took while at "The Life of Christ" at Wintershall last June. The photographs taken then have proved very popular — so far we have done 3 slide shows. Also, don't dismiss the graphics supplied by Parish Pump. Hope some of this helps.
RE: 'I find the clip art on google images is brilliant' - be very very careful - Google is an excellent source of clipArt but it is also an excellent source of Viruses! Make sure you scan each image before downloading!
Just thought I'd toss in the fact that although we all may do it, Microsoft Clipart is not totally copyright free, and if used in a charged for publication, could get you into trouble, should they wish to check. Local authorities were warned a couple of years ago, especially with regard to website publication.
Hi Would it be possible to create a search engine on the parish pump site which would only search the graphics section a bit like when you search on clip art. I use the illustrations frequently but if what you are looking for is not in the current month it is difficult to find. It would be great if you were looking for say an illustration to highlight a coffee morning you were having you could type in 'coffee morning' and all relevant illustrations would appear of coffee cups, people sitting enjoying tea and cakes etc. Just a thought!!
I endorse Cathcart's plea for a search facility on your excellent site! I've been using Parish Pump for over 10 years and I have built up a collection of great articles, poems and graphics. Sometimes, however, I need something for a particular purpose - eg our monthly "Messy Church" needs a graphic on a certain subject for the children to use. I find the Saints articles useful too - but to get to a particular Saint you have to remember the right month!!
Hello there, Just wondering if Parish Pump could upload colouring in outlines and / or dot-to-dot without word search for two or three different age groups? The existing word searches are fine and I have been using them but I would like more variety to keep subscribers with young children interested. Alternatively, any suggestions for where I could find similar on the Web, of course Bible related would be preferred? Much appreciated, Agnes