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Cheap magazine printing

I am moving from black and white to a full colour A5 magazine. Of course the costs go up, so I have been doing a lot of research into possible printers, to keep the costs down as much as possible for the church. My present printer is Imprint, who produce an excellent product, but the move to colour will see the costs rise to a level which may not be affordable, given the revenue we get from advertisers. There is a company called Helloprint, with a London office but who are actually based in Holland. Their preliminary quote (including delivery) is almost half what I would be paying if I stick with my current printer. One of the reasons is that the printing is currently digital (i.e. a bigger version of home printers, using A4 paper) and the cheaper option uses the traditional litho method with large sheets of paper - which is better for large numbers, in multiples of 16 pages and 500 copies. Has anyone used this company who could share their experiences?
We've used Print carrier for leaflets several times - I believe it is a German company, but now has printing in the UK. They are cheap and efficient, but I've not used them for magazines.
Have now tried this company and the results are excellent. Good printing and delivery as promised. I would recommend it to anyone to try.
I produce a monthly church magazine, 300 copies for the local Methodist Circuit, using MS Publisher. in a 24 page A5 format. It's produced by a local single owner business, I E-mail it to her and usually within 24 hours she calls me to say it's ready for collection. That includes a full colour front cover with colour pictures on the back page. Costs around 70p a copy.
We use a German-based company with a London office (so all communication is in English), producing full-colour in 40 or 44 page A4 format, with 600 copies a month. You have to be prepared for longish lead times, with 5 working days for printing and 4 working days for delivery (and there is always at least one weekend!). There have been a few hiccups with delivery, but otherwise results have been good and the firm very helpful. We stick with them because they are 20% cheaper than anywhere I can find in the UK. The name is Saxoprint - and you can get an instant quote over the internet for comparison with your present costs.