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We are delighted to welcome you to our church magazine editors’ forum.

We hope you enjoy your contact with other church editors – right round the world. Here you can discuss everything from how to get your minister to write his ‘letter’ on time, to how much to charge for advertising, from the best way to lay out your magazine, to the best way to distribute it. If you have expertise in one of these areas, there are thousands of people out there who might benefit!

Church magazine editors enjoy meeting each other. They certainly enjoy comparing ideas on how to produce a good magazine. In fact, whenever we have held a ‘training day’ where editors get to meet us and each other face to face, we have found it hard to get a word in edgeways!

In every gathering, there are some basic ground-rules for how to behave, and so before we go any further, here are ours.


Our forum is moderated on a regular basis. The moderators and administrator can be contacted using the Contact Us link above.


Please remember that any message you write can be read, used, and reproduced. Once you have written something, you do not have the option to delete your message. However, under exceptional circumstances, you can contact the moderators to do so. Please take special care regarding any personal information that you post, as this will be seen by all. We cannot accept responsibility for any possible consequences of this!


The moderators and members should conduct themselves at all times with respect for each other, and with honesty. In using our forum, please post only information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and is of your personal experience. If the information you post is not personal experience, we request you to provide sources (references, links, etc..) whenever it is relevant and possible.

You are not allowed to post any advertisements, whether in the form of text links or banners, for example.

The moderators reserve the right to delete any messages deemed inappropriate without notifying the author. In cases of abuse, the moderators reserve the right to ban a member of the forum. In both instances, an explanation will be provided if user requests.

Last date of modification: 08/02/2010

Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here.
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