Mike Worthington

1. Anyone else involved in your magazine’s production? - My wife Patsy is the magazine proof reader.

 2. What is the name of your magazine? - Marsh Matters

 3. How often does it come out? - Monthly

 4. Is it b & w or full colour? - Full colour

 5.  What size is it?  - A5

 6.  What is the print run?  What printers do you use? 900 magazines per month – Professional printers Wealden Print Hawkhurst Kent (www.wealdenprint.co.uk).

 7.  Who is the intended readership? - Both our church family and also the wider community.

 8.  How is it distributed each month? - Hand delivered to those who subscribe and pay for the year - also sold in church and in a few shops - plus 100 magazines posted monthly locally and to many regions of the UK.

 9.  How does your church pay for its production? - Retail at 60p per copy but mostly from the revenue gained from advertisers. People actually find the adverts helpful when searching for various trades. 

10.  How long have you been editor, and what made you decide to take it on? – 2 years on this amalgamated Benefice (8 churches) magazine, prior to that 12+ years with our local Parish magazine. I was coerced into it!

11.  Which two aspects of the monthly production do you most enjoy? – Firstly emailing it to the printers so I can put my feet up for a while! – Secondly, readers appreciation, which does happen believe it or not!

12.  What are your two biggest challenges in editing it?  - Trying to get a good image for the cover each month. If it looks good then there is always a chance of it being opened and read! – Encouraging people to send articles and pictures in for publication.

13.  Do you have any ‘tips’ for success that you would you like to share with other church magazine editors? Having printed the magazines myself for many years and the hassle that can cause – I thoroughly recommend searching for a good professional printer and get the best price – much easier solution all-round.

14.  Does your church have a website as well?  Do you find that a magazine can be a valuable complement to your church website in communicating with your church and community? – A new benefice website is imminent - I know from personal experience that a good magazine will indeed be a valuable complement to a church website on the communication front.

15.  What two things would you most like to accomplish in your church and community through your magazine being 'out there’? - Encourage more people to participate in church activities and to attend a service at anyone of our 8 wonderful churches here on Romney Marsh.

16.  How does Parish Pump help you each month? – It gets me out of some serious jams on a regular basis by not having sufficient content sent in – also the content that Parish Pump has to offer is of extremely good quality. 





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