John Murray

John edits the magazine for Honley Trinity Methodist/URC. Honley is a village in the Holme Valley, West Yorkshire.


1. Anyone else involved in your magazine’s production? - Our minister, the Rev Helen Roberts, who submits her monthly piece on time!


2. What is the name of your magazine? -  Trinity Church Honley Newsletter.


3. How often does it come out? – Monthly.


4.  Is it b & w or full colour? Full colour (since August 2015. Before that it was printed greyscale in house and laboriously stapled by a rota of press-ganged assistants. But it was then 8 or 10 pages).


5.  What size is it?  -  A4 4 pages folded as a ‘leaflet’.


6.  What is the print run?  What printers do you use?  200 Digital at Enterprise Print, Honley. They also print the village ‘Honley Flyer’ which I also edit, but that’s a quarterly. Every three months I think the world is about to end and I / they will never meet the deadlines.


7.  Who is the intended readership? – Church and community. Deposited in the library, surgery, dentists, etc. and taken to housebound members.


8.  How is it distributed each month? – By volunteers, but could do with more.


9.  How does your church pay for its production? – From funds; the cover price of 30p is largely ignored!



10.  How long have you been editor, and what made you decide to take it on? – In 2002 the church secretary retired and she was the editor along with her husband.  I knew I could do it as I’d worked on the student paper, then Picture Post (Fleet St) and am a photographer/documentary film maker. So I offered! Daft, really.


11.  Which two aspects of the monthly production do you most enjoy? – Seeing people reading it!  Favourite bits- pages 4 & 5 in November 2013 issue and the cover of the August 2015.


14.  What are your two biggest challenges in editing it?  - Getting contributions.


15.  Do you have any ‘tips’ for success that you would you like to share with other church magazine editors?  Imaging you are reading this as a non-church person for the first time. Colour is good for grabbing attention- no good if it’s not picked up. Must have a ‘want to see inside’ cover. 


16.  Does your church have a website as well?  Do you find that a magazine can be a valuable complement to your church website in communicating with your church and community? – Yes, see .  The church mag always appears on it, It also appears on (search ‘Honley’ for current and past issues) or direct at and it is publicised to a list of about 50 email subscribers. The web version has more pages and that’s where now the crossword and wordsearch appear.


17.  What two things would you most like to accomplish in your church and community through your magazine being 'out there’? – A welcoming outlook and a few more in the congregation.


18.  How does Parish Pump help you each month? – Supplies the comps (very important) and snippets – or as we say ‘bits ‘n bats’. But having only 4 pages is severely limiting.


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