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Hilary Davies

Hilary edits ‘Roundabout’, the magazine for St Thomas’ Wesleyan Methodist Church, Lampeter, Aberystwyth Circuit.

Anyone else involved in your magazine’s production? -  I am the sole producer of the magazine.

How often does Roundabout come out? - It is a monthly publication, except for the December/January and July/August issues.

Is it b & w or full colour? -  Roundabout is in black and white.

What size is it? It is A5 What’s the print run? -  And what printer do you use? Our print run is 160 copies and it is also published on the website. I use a Duplo model DUP215 printer.

Who is your intended readership?-  Roundabout is intended for the congregations of the churches within the circuit, friends and visitors.

How do you distribute it each month?-  It is simply placed in the various churches for pick-up by anyone who would like a copy.

How does your church pay for its production? - We finance it by church funds.

How long have you been editor? What made you decide to take it on?  - I have been editor for almost four years. I took over the job when the previous editor was moving away from the area. I enjoy writing and laying out, in the printing sense that is! (Not concerning the deceased!) I was editor of the magazine at a previous church before we moved here and found it very rewarding.

Which two aspects of the monthly production do you most enjoy? - I enjoy every part of it. Perhaps, particularly juggling things about to get a good ‘fit’ and pleasing look to a page, and writing the odd article.

What are your two biggest challenges in editing it? - One of the biggest challenges I guess is ‘translating’ articles which are, shall we say, less well written than they might be, without making it too obvious that they have been altered. The printing, collating and stapling can be back-breaking.

Do you have any ‘tips’ for success to share with other church magazine editors? - A good tip could be to ensure that copy date is well ahead of printing date, as most of my offerings come in on or after the copy date; very often the minister’s letter is the least prompt.

Does your church have a website as well? And do you find that a magazine can be a valuable complement to your church website in communicating with your church and community? - Yes, we do have a website, which I have nothing to do with, other than to provide the magazine. I am not sure how valuable the magazine is to the website. I have no idea how often it is visited. As this is a very rural area, it may well be that it is read there more than on the printed paper.

What two things would you most like to accomplish in your church and community through your magazine being 'out there’? - I should like to feel that Roundabout presents a friendly approachable ‘face’ to those on the fringes of the church. That is gives information about what is happening and an insight into what Christianity really means to us ordinary, imperfect, striving human beings.

How does Parish Pump help you each month? - Parish Pump is an invaluable source of all kinds of material, filling up space when I have been sent nothing; providing laughter (I have often seen people turning straight to our jokes page), information, thoughtful, meditative, prayerful articles; quizzes and crosswords, always a useful filler and generally an all-round useful resource.

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