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Ellen Hallam

Ellen edits Shalford Magazine for St Mary the Virgin, Shalford, Guildford

Is there anyone else involved in your magazine’s production?   

No – just me. 


 How often do you bring it out?



What does it look like? 

Shalford magazine is printed to A5 size, in black and white. 


What is your print run?   What printers do you use?  We print 500 copies of the Shalford magazine, and use Imprint Colour Ltd, with whom we have been working with for many years now.


Who is your intended readership?  We aim the magazine at all the  

residents of our parish, so that means both church goers and non-church goers alike.


How do you distribute it each month?  We have a number of volunteers who deliver to subscribers, and it is available in church and in the Post Office. We also have people who have moved away but still want the magazine, so they pay for a postal subscription.


How does your church pay for its production?   Advertising revenue and subscriptions.


How long have you been editor, and what made you decide to take it on?

I have edited Shalford magazine for nine years. I’d done some magazine editing in my career and enjoyed it, so decided to try doing our local publication.


Which two aspects of the monthly production do you most enjoy?

Putting it all together and seeing it in print.


What are your two biggest challenges in editing it?

 Having to rewrite something which doesn’t really work but should go in the magazine, and sometimes finding enough time. 


Do you have any ‘tips’ for success that you would you like to share with other church magazine editors?

 Use pictures with every article if at all possible, as it attracts the reader’s attention and makes the subject matter more interesting. For example, our WI groups have interesting speakers visit them and their reports will include a summary of the talk; I will then search the internet for a picture to go with it, eg a photo of the Lilly Bell II American aircraft which crashed in nearby Jacob’s Well in 1944.


Does your church have a website as well?   Do you find that a magazine can be a valuable complement to your church website in communicating with your church and community?

 Yes it does and the village does, too. The church one is currently a static information website while the village one is has news and local information on it. We need all these means of communication, plus social media, for our community.


What two things would you most like to accomplish in your church and community through your magazine being 'out there’?

 I like the magazine being a village one rather than just for the church as it may just encourage more people to start coming to church – our services are always listed so they will see them while reading through the magazine. I would like to expand the reach and become more up to date in the near future by going electronic with the magazine, but I will still produce a paper version for those who prefer it.


How does Parish Pump help you each month?

 Parish Pump is a great source of season specific items which can be used in parish magazines. It is hard to exactly fill the amount of pages you have each month, and Parish Pump items can fill a page or squeeze into smaller spaces. I particularly like Smile-lines! So thank you Parish Pump – keep up the good work!





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