Angela Mountford

Angela edits the magazine for Holy Trinity Hartshill, St. Thomas the Apostle, Penkhull and St John the Evangalist Trent Vale, Stoke -on Trent.



1. Anyone else involved in your magazine’s production? - I mainly work alone, but can always call on the advice of our Rector, should anything tricky arise.


2. What is the name of your magazine? -  Inspire


3. How often does it come out?  - It is monthly, but with two double issues per year. So we have ten issues per year. This makes holiday and Christmas harder work initially, but then there are no deadlines for a month. 


4.  Is it b & w or full colour? - The magazine is mainly black and white but we now have a coloured front cover


5.  What size is it?  -   It is A4 with 16 pages


6.  What is the print run?  What printers do you use?   It has a print run of 230 and we use a local print firm. We found that it was actually cheaper than photocopying it ourselves, and of course it comes ready stapled and folded, which was a bonus to us. 


7.  Who is the intended readership? –  It is intended for the wider community. We are a Benefice of three churches and so it goes out across three parishes. We do put some magazines free of charge in the local laundry matte and doctor`s surgery.


8.  How is it distributed each month? –  In two of the parishes it is just sold in the church. But at my church, Holy Trinity, we have a team of people who deliver to those who have paid for a year. I know that those who buy in the other parishes then pass on the magazine, to friends, family and their daily help (either carers or cleaners).


9.  How does your church pay for its production? –  The magazine pays for itself  through advertising and the small charge we make for the magazine.


10.  How long have you been editor, and what made you decide to take it on? –  I used to be the Assistant Editor. But on the death of the previous editor,  I took over. At present I have no assistant! I have been editor for three years now.


11.  Which two aspects of the monthly production do you most enjoy? – I look forward to reading all the news and articles on Parish Pump and choosing ones which I think people will enjoy. I love putting it altogether and seeing the finished article in the churches. 


12.  What are your two biggest challenges in editing it?  - My greatest challenge is getting people across the Benefice to contribute to the magazine, to share their experiences and lives.  


13.  Do you have any ‘tips’ for success that you would you like to share with other church magazine editors?   I don`t have any particular tips to share. One I picked up over the years is the disclaimer on the back of the magazine,

‘The editor reserves the right to edit and the right not to print: no reason will be given.’

 This has removed any of the complaints that I do not always print peoples articles or that parts are left out. Without having to explain why! Some things are just inappropriate or will hurt a member of the community, so I do edit out bits.  


14.  Does your church have a website as well?  Do you find that a magazine can be a valuable complement to your church website in communicating with your church and community? –  We do not have a dedicated website, though Holy Trinity would dearly love one, as we  are Herbert Minton`s church.  Holy Trinity does advertise  on Visit Stoke, and as the contact I know that people often do visit the site.


15.  What two things would you most like to accomplish in your church and community through your magazine being 'out there’? –   I would love to know that through our magazine someone came to know Christ in their life. We always give all service times in each issue. I would also hope that through  our magazine some of the lonely and isolated people would find a way to join in community groups or events. We have village hall sections which show all the clubs etc. available and times and telephone numbers. 


16.  How does Parish Pump help you each month? – I could not fill all the space without Parish Pump. Readers tell me they enjoy the variety of articles, cartoons and illustrations that I put in. I try obviously to encourage folk within the communities to send me articles but I use quite a lot of your material every month. And the front cover is often your coloured front page and date. 




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