Alison Black, Milstead, Sittingbourne, Uk

I edit the Parish News for a United Benefice of five parishes. It is set out in sections for each village, Church News and Public Information. Thus, I often have space to be filled at the end of sections needing copy. Also, as it is put together in multiples of four pages, I sometimes have to find 1, 2 or even 3 extra pages. Without the Parish Pump, I would find it extremely difficult to have enough copy. Thank you thank you thank you! I regularly use 1 or more of the childrens' pages; sometimes I use a cartoon or the crossword. I welcome the addition of Sudoku and Wordsearch. From the editorial I draw extensively on 'You and the Community', Holy Days, and series such as the current one on Signs and Symbols. Smile Lines usefully fill the odd inch at the bottom of a page, and the illustrations add much liveliness to sometimes boring village reports! I am regularly complimented on the magazine, and much of the credit is due to the Parish Pump!